Lets talk about #LOVE

What would we do without Love? Nothing really… We need it to stay positive, keep going and go through life with a smile. So why is it still a thing in 2017 that people think love can only appear between man and woman.
With all the media recently talking about the LGBT+ community (especially youtube), love and who you love became a more and more important topic AND I think it’s amazing, but a lot of people don’t.
I know you have probably seen the 200th coming out video on youtube by now and think to yourself: Why do you all have to do this? But just think about it: If the world would be treating same-sex couples the same as straight couples, they wouldn’t need to. There has definitely been a good change happening the last few years (“2016 – In the year since the June 26, 2015 landmark Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodges that extended the right for same-sex couples to marry nationwide.”), but we should not stop now. We should teach each other to treat everyone the same no matter who they love.
Growing up in a small town with around 1000 inhabitants, you can imagine that there weren’t that many lesbians, gays, bisexuals or transgenders. But I was lucky enough to know a lesbian couple from the age of 6. For me as a kid it didn’t really matter why this girl loved another girl, although I remember that my mum needed to explain to me that they really love each other, they are not just friends. But I guess that is just normal for a child to think that way when all you are used to is love between woman and a men. A few years ago I started playing in musical theatre groups and got in touch with the LGBT+ community even more. I am not being prejudiced when I say this, but if you have ever been part of a musical production you will realize that the cast has at least the same amount of LGBT+ people as heterosexual people. For my personal convolution with the LGBT+ community playing in musicals was extremely important. Having lots of friends that are proud to love the same sex is just amazing to experience. You start to realize how your mind slowly starts to grabble with it. As I have already told you I never had a problem with same sex couples, I always thought that its lovely that it is that way. BUT I always thought about it, I always starred at same sex couples (not in a bad way – but I still starred, cause it was interesting to me & kind of new) and I always wondered if they feel comfortable and what their friends/family think. NOW I’m not doing this anymore, for me they are just as normal as straight couples and I want to tell you what made me overthink my outlook on this topic.
From a lot of my friends and some awesome youtube channels (TheRoxetera, Kale and Jess, ..) I have learned that you can’t choose who you love and I think that is so true. It drives me mad that some people still attack gay people and tell them to “become normal again” or “try to love someone else”. Love is way more complex and beautiful. I have heard so many different stories and they all come down to the same: You fall in love with a person not with a gender. I personally believe that you could think your whole life you are straight (because you have always loved men, never fancied a women) but if the right woman comes around who’s personality you really love – you could still fall in love with her.
It makes me happy to see my gay friends be fully open with themselves and be able to express their true feelings. And I hope nobody will take that away from them with evil eyes or imprudent comments. I still have some friends who don’t want to show their love in public as they are afraid that someone will say something and I honestly hope that people start to realize how important it is that we accept every kind of love, so these people don’t have to limit or suppress their love. To everyone out there: Please stand up for your love and have the courage to express it in every way you want to. And if anyone tries to get you down – it is their energy their wasting.

In the end LOVE is LOVE and that is all we need!



PS: English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if something wasn’t written correctly, I just wanted to get this message out.


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