WHERE TO GO! #West coast Australia

You’ve probably heard it before, but Australia is one of the most amazing countries to travel in. Australia’s coast was just made for road tripping. Thousands of kilometres of sand, lakes, beautiful little cities, free camping spots and wildlife will offer you to have the best road-trip adventure!
Everyone knows Australia’s beautiful east coast (Sydney, Byron Bay, Cairns, Fraser Island, Whitsundays,..), but please don’t forget the amazing west coast Australia has to offer with all of its incredible nature resorts and hidden treasures. Our little road-trip group started the journey in Sydney. After we had bought our own car we did: Sydney – Melbourne -Adelaide – Darwin – Broome – Perth.  And before that I had already done the east coast. I know I was lucky enough to see a whole lot of Australia. But If you are on a budget or don’t have enough time you should probably stick to one route. Choosing between both coasts can be hard as both of them offer so much. But today I want to focus on the west coast. What it was like to travel from Exmouth to Perth and which places you NEED to see. Cause I feel like you really get to see the ‘real’ Australia in some places on the west coast as it is way less touristy than the east coast.

Broome to Perth

Coming from the Kimberley wilderness we settled down in Broome for 2 days (unwillingly -> our car broke down). Even tough we didn’t plan on staying in Broome, we had a fun time as locals taught us how to fish and even helped us out with fixing our car.
We then went on to see the Karijini National Park. We planned on staying there for a night and ended up staying for 2 or 3 days, cause we met a group of awesome people and the nature was amazing!!. It is definitely something for adventurers, because you really need to hike and climb in order to get to the sights. Since we found this lovely group of people, we decided to go on on our journey together for a while. So they came with us to Tom Price, where we all enjoyed our time and celebrated it with a cozy BBQ and some cold beers.
The next day we had to say goodbye to our new friends as they wanted to head up north and we needed to go down south. Our next stop was the Cape Range National Park and we spent a day snorkeling on all of the lovely beaches, which really cheered us up. Same story as in Broome: we did not intend to stay longer than a day or 2 and ended up staying for 5 days, because our car decided to break down again. But we did not regret at all. Coral Bay was one of the most amazing stops on our road-trip. Again, probably because of the people we met. On a boat tour that we booked to see sharks and turtles (which was amazing btw! & a little bit scary for me) we got to know the tour guide and he asked us if we wanted to come to a party with lots of his friends. So we did and this night was amazing. Everyone (excepts us) knew everyone (the town has around 190 inhabitants and as they told us they are all there to work AND to have fun). It was so nice to get to know locals and to see how much they care about this beautiful place CORAL BAY. After getting to know all of these amazing people and there beloved town, you can only imagine how it felt to finally have to leave this beautiful place (we needed to move, because we only had a few days left until someones visa ran out), but the west-coast doesn’t let you down! We arrived in Monkey Mia and oh my – this place was just heaven on earth. My road-trip crew decided to stay at the campsite as they wanted to rest for a bit, so I went to the beach on my own just to relax for a bit. I had the whole beach for myself, when some dolphins came to swim with me. This was probably one of the most surreal moments of my life. I knew Monkey Mia was known for its dolphins, but I didn’t expect them to just come around every know and then. I thought they only came for the big touristy feeding in the morning. Don’t get me wrong the feeding was pretty cool as well, I was lucky enough to get to feed a dolphin, but there were so many other tourists around us that this moment wasn’t as incredible as the one I had before being all by alone on the beach. I heard from other people that this didn’t happen to them, that the beach was always full of people. I think I was just so lucky, because we traveled through Western Australia in January, which is very uncommon as it is extremely hot, its jellyfish-season and you kind of travel on your own (we only met a few other backpackers). I know traveling the west coast in summer has a lot of negative aspects to it, but in the end it was kind of nice to have a lot of sights for our own and just be able to really enjoy the nature and get in contact with the locals.
Our next stop was Kalbarri National Park, which was pretty cool to see. (Again, we where kind of the only ones there :D). After spending a day at the National Park we made our way down to Perth. We had a lot of spontaneous short stops on our way. Every time we saw something that seemed interesting we went outside and had a stroll around.
We then arrived in Perth and I can tell you this city is full of life and creativity. It has a lot of cute spots to offer and if you are willing to get involved into its culture, it will warm up your heart!!

Yeeeah, that were the most important stops on our way down the west coast. I can only strongly recommend you to go and travel this route. We not only saw amazing beaches, climbed in fantastic National Parks, we most importantly met amazing people!
And that is probably the best advice I can give you. Try to get our of your comfort zone and get involved with locals or other travelers. Don’t just stay with your own group of people, get in touch with other cultures and the most amazing things will happen, I promise you!



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