YES spring is officially back and I hope so badly that it stays like this for the next couple of weeks. As soon as the sky shows its first rays of sunshine, my mood immediately rises from 0 to 100 and I feel like the world finally begins to live again after those dark winter days. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy having some cold, snowy winter days in December. (Who doesn’t dream of a white christmas?) Especially because those days make me appreciate the warm summer days even more. But if it comes to March/April I am more than ready for sunnier days and a higher temperature.
The sun has such a huge impact on my life and even if some people might not think that is has an impact on their lives, I still believe it has (haha). I just wish it could be spring/summer for 80% of the year and around christmas it could still be cold. I know that this is not how it works, but I still think it would help people to feel happier and be more active.
What do you think about Spring/Summer? Are you ready for it or are you still clinging on to those winter days?
Either way, I hope you enjoy your week.



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