WHERE TO EAT? #Brighton

WARNING! Don’t read while you’re hungry.

When I finally booked my ticket to fly to Brighton, I began to research “top things to do in Brighton” and “what to see”. While reading all of those (mostly really boring) articles I stumbled across a few restaurant recommendations. I  knew Brighton was supposed to be a very vibrant, young and creative city, so I assumed it would have some cute, little cafes, but oh my – Brighton has more than surpassed my expectations.
I could have just walked around all day to explore all of the lanes this extremely beautiful city has to offer. And lets be honest – thats kind of all I did while I was there. Everywhere you go you come across a new place that seems interesting. There is really nothing that Brightons streets don’t offer.
Since there are so many places to choose from, I try to show you some of my favourite restaurants/cafés. Starting of with todays blogpost, where I’ll tell you, where to go for a nice breakfast.


I know Bill’s is probably not the kind of independent, small shop that you would expect to be in a “Brighton Food Guide”, but everything about that place was awesome.
Warm, friendly staff; nice & cosy interior and most important: extremely good food!
Being a Vegetarian I sometimes have trouble finding a breakfast place that offers some good alternatives to the normal “English Breakfast (sausage, bacon, etc..)”, but there were a handful of options which made it hard to pick one. I went with the “Bill’s Vegetarian Breakfast” and it was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had.
I would give it a good 4,8 out of 5 – so go & check it out!

Café Coho 

Just around the corner from Brighton Train Station you’ll find Cafe Coho.
It was much busier than Bill’s, but still felt really warm and friendly (probably because of the nice people -> everyone in Brighton seems to be soooo lovely and relaxed). Probably drank one of the best Chai Latte I’ve ever tasted in there. Also the menu is awesome, lots of options (even for Vegetarian/Vegan). I decided on scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, falafel and halloumi and I did not regret my decision. It give this breakfast a 4,6 out of 5!

All in all I can say that Brighton offers the most delicious food & is so worth visiting! In my next couple of blogpost you’ll get to know the best places to eat lunch & dinner. So stay tuned 🙂


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